Rental of speakers

Rent sound? We rent out sound for our boats and for private events.

1 x party box 2000,- nok

2 PA speakers with cables 2700,- nok

2 x party box* 2700,- nok

*Most popular

Deposit 5000,- nok per loudspeakers

We have 2 JBL EON 615 PA system speakers that can be connected in series.

With the JBL PartyBox 310 wireless speakers, you can have the party exactly where you want. Invite your friends over for a fun night of karaoke, a trip to the park to party under the stars or take the speaker with you to the poolside or on a camping trip. This speaker has powerful JBL Pro Sound with well-known quality and several fun features, such as a light show for a real party atmosphere, karaoke mode, easy wireless control and the ability to synchronize several compatible speakers for even bigger sound.

Light show
The PartyBox 310 comes with a light show that moves to the music. The speaker is easy to control even in the dark thanks to the built-in backlight which is activated in the dark.

Show off your musical talent to your friends and play the original music with dual microphones and guitar inputs. Connect the microphones and the electric guitar through separate connectors and let the audience hear your own songs or covers. The built-in vocal setting makes your voice sound amazing, making you the star of the night.

Listen to your favorite music
You can easily connect to a computer, tablet, smartphone or iPod with the speaker’s Bluetooth function to play music wirelessly. You can also connect a USB stick with your pre-selected playlists so you can party without keeping an eye on the music.

Even more powerful sound!
Combine two PartyBox 310 wirelessly via True Wireless Stereo with Bluetooth, or use an AUX cable to physically connect them together.